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Skin Soothing Facial - Sensitive Skin

Calm, sooth & rejuvenate your irritated & inflamed skin. Containing soothing chamomile & calming lavender to help your skin feeling more itself!

  • Skin Soothing Facial (45 mins)£39.99
Hydrate & Glow Facial - Dry or Mature Skin

Rehydrate, enrich & nourish dry and tired skin. Containing orchid to retain moisture & ginseng to target fine lines & re plump skin, you’ll be glowing in no time!


  • Hydrate & Glow Facial (45 mins)£39.99

Re-balancing Facial - Oily / Combination Skin

Energize, balance & brighten your skin. Containing ginger to balance out oil production, witch hazel to tighten the pores & help eradicate spots and orange blossom as an astringent to assist in removing excess oils to leave your skin glowing. Dull & tired skin is restored!

  • Re-balancing Facial (45 mins)£39.99

Steamer & Ozone

Both steamer & Ozone are particularly beneficial to provide a deeper cleanse & help loosen dirt, grime, dead skin & bacteria, thus helping to eliminate blackheads & pimples. Softens & rehydrates outer layers of your skin.

  • (Add to your facial)£7.50
Men's Facial

A unique facial designed just for men.

Soothe & nourish dull & tired skin with a facial designed for male skin. Chamomile & lavender help to calm & protect your skin from shaving rashes & other irritations, whilst orchid adds hydration for a brighter looking complexion.


  • Men's Facial (45 mins)£39.99
Luxury Spa Facial

Achieve a beautiful healthy complexion with a warm aromatic wax mask to deeply penetrate the skins pores to loosen dirt & grime. The warmth from the wax, makes the blood vessels in your face expand, causing more circulation, the result is a healthier brighter, re-hydrated complexion. A great facial to help reduce fine lines & wrinkles as it will re-hydrate & soften mature, dry, or tired looking skin.

  • Luxury Spa Facial (45 mins)£43.99
Back Facial

A wonderfully relaxing back treatment specifically designed to reach those awkward to reach parts of the back. Includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation & a soothing back massage. Ideal for people prone to greasy skin or minor blemishes on the back. Relax & Enjoy!

  • Back Facial (45 mins)£43.99

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